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eNi'Z sYtE


"Wait for the boy who will drop everything for you at any time of the day just to see you. Wait for the boy that will make an ordinary moment seem magical. Wait for the boy that you can't help but smile when you see, and when he smiles, you know he needs you. Wait for the boy who will be your best friend. the one who wants to show you off to the world even in your sweats with no make up...but most of all, wait for the boy who will put you in the center of the universe, because he is obviously the center of yours."

Bosnian ass,high class
Sick style,sexy smile,
You can look,but you can't touch us,
Bosnian girls are just too much

THE SaMe oLd sHyT tHaT bRiNgS Me DoWn
aNoThEr dAy iN tHiS GOSSiP tOwN
 nOw i WaiT aLL CoNfuSeD
 fEeLiNg LiKe i'Ve bEeN UsEd
tRyiNg tO FiNd a BeTtEr wAy
 tO MaKe iT tHrO tHiS FucKiN DaY

I love you, not only for who you are,
 but for who i am when i am with you


DoNt *HaTe* On WuT u CanT *iMiTaTe*
 JuS SiT BaK-TaKe NoTeZ -n- *eVaLuAtE*
DeN *CoNcEnTrAtE* WhiLe i *DeMoNsTrAtE*
 So NeX TiMe DuR WoN't Be a NeEd 2 *HaTe*

My feelings for you,
No words can tell,
Except for maybe,
Go to hell.

  Playboy shirt...$60
Seeing all these on my
       floor the next
for eveything else theres
       lucky for u theres
masturbation& halusination


Roses r red,
Violets r blue,
Sugar is sweet and so r u,
but the roses r wilting,
 the violets r dead,
the sugar bowl is empty
and so ir ur head.

u say u not a hoe
aight no doubt
next time u wanna say that
dont forget to wipe ur

I will Forever LOvE You  I will FoReVer CaRe
 I will FoReVeR lIvE MY life Wishing YoU Were There
and as for long as I live I will neva WaLk AwAY
aS long as YoU Promise me one thing..
  If YoU Come to Me.. YoU wiLl stAy  


FeAr Of ReJeCtiOn KePt My LoVe InSiDe
ToLd My HeArT i DidN't WaNt U bUt i LiEd
I dOnT cAre iF yOu ThiNk Im CrAzY
iT dOeSnT mAtTeR iF iT tUrNs OuT bAd
IvE gOt No FeAr Of LoSiNg YoU
*YoU cAnT LoSe WhAt YoU dOnT hAvE*


           i CoULd sEaRcH tHa wOrLd
uNtiL mY LiFe iS tHrU
bUt i'LL nEvA fInD aNoThA wHo iS  
--J u S . L i K e . Y o U--

Anyone can make me smile or cry...
 but it takes someone special like *yOu*
 to make me smile when I already
have tears in my eyes

|**M**| (**U**) /**A**\ |**H**|
(.:*(I look at my friends)*:.)
)*:.) Then I look at me(.:*(
(.:*(   Without my friends)*:.)
)*:.)   Who would i Be (.:*(
(.:*( My friends.My sistaz)*:.)
)*:.)My shadow, my world(.:*(
(.:*(   Where would I be  )*:.)
)*:.)  Without my   (.:*(
    (.:*(      gurlz!     )*:.)

I live for the nights I wont remember
with the friends I will never forget

X.. Its the days we r so crazy ..X
o.. That people think we're high ..o
X.. The times we laugh so hard we cry ..X
o.. all the inside jokes and "remember when's" ..o
X.. Those r the reasons we'll always be ..X
~Best Friends~

Ur ExAcTlY wHaT i NeEd
uR aLl Of My DrEaMs CoMe TrUe
No1 NeEdS 2 aSk WhAtS oN mY mInD
cUz ThEy AlReAdY kNo ItS u

watching you from a distance
afraid to get too close
 hoping youll realize who loves you the most
but unless you open your eyes
 to the one whos always there
you wont realize that im the one
 who really truly cares


So let them say its wrong for me to love u
they could never feel the way i do when
we kiss they can't see inside my soul
they can't feel the love we know

iM sTaRiNg aT yOuR pHoToGrApH
ReMeMbErInG eAcH mOmEnT yOu mAdE mE LaUgH
i NeVeR tHoUgHt tHiS wOuLd eNd ThIs WaY
ThAt iD sTiLL bE mISSiNg YoU
*..tO tHiS vErY dAy..*

I dont know what I would do without you,
I dont know where I'd be,
Your not just another boy...
 Your everything to me*

how can i forget you when you're always on my mind
..how can i not want you when you're all I want inside
..how can i move on if I can't see us apart
..how can i stop loving you when you control my heart..

i WaNnA bE tHaT giRL yOu CaNt StOp ThiNkiNg AbOuT
 i WaNnA bE tHe OnE yOu CaNt EvEn BrEaThE wiThOuT
 i WaNt YoU tO LoVe Me AnD sAy ThAt iTs TrUe
 iLL LoVe YoU fOrEvEr CaUsE tHaTs ALL i WaNnA dO

*After all the times you hurt me
 The times you made me cry..
 Why do i forgive you, with every little sigh?
 The times that you betrayed me..
The times of painful goodbyes..
Why do I still need you, after all those lies?
 The times you had ignored me..
 And the times my pain had shown..
 Why do i still care for you, though you left me all alone?
 With the scars you left upon me..
 And the tears that fall each day..
Why am I still in love with you,
Though you've treated me this way?*


The minute you are ready to tell me u love me,
* I'll drop my world to be your girl,*
 but until then,* I'm sorry...
I can't play these little games anymore

EvaWoNdA y I TuRn aWaY
WeN u LoOk aT mE
ItS CuZ I NevA WaNt uR EyEz
2 c wHat U Do 2 Me
BuT U CaNt SeEm 2 C Da ThiNgZ i C
I KnO HoW PeRfEcT Me n U cOuLd Be

You never truly love a person
 until the thought of hurting them
 is enough to break your heart

*-I try to let it go-*
*-but I dont kno if I can take it*-
*-Cuz tha way u looked at me-*
*-Made me see that I can't really fake it-*

u sed that u couldn't stand 2
-c my heart broken...when u
--broke it, did u close ur eyes?

iLL bE sMiLiNg wHen i SeE yOu
ThE TeArZ wOnT eVeR sHoW
i kNoW iLL aLwAyZ LoVe YOu
AnD yEt uLL nEvEr nO

Trick what? Play who?
 That ain't what I do.
I got plenty more lined up
that want to replace you.
So smarten up boo.
 That's my advice to you.

You can close your eyes
to things you don't want to see but
 you can't close your heart
to things you don"t want to feel

I NeEda ThUg wHo cAn tReAt mE gOoD
nOt LiKE aLL tHeSe LiL bOyZ
wHo "cLaiM" tHEy cOuLD

So many memories I'll never forget
what I thought we had will be missed
the time we shared will never be erased
 deep inside you'll never be replaced

Cute enough to make you look twice,
Sweet enough but not too nice,
A lil crazy but not too wild,
The kinda girl that'll make you smile

i wiSh iN a rOoM fuLL oF ppLe uD kiSs mE
caLL mE 4 nO reAsOn juSs cUz u miSsEd mE

The day we met my life changed
the way you make me feel I can't explain
you make me smile in a special way its true
I only think of you each day
You look into my eyes and make it true
theres no one in this world for me but you

Im DoNe WiTh AlL tHe StReSsIn
Im SiCk Of ThE iMpReSsIn If U
wAnT iT cOmE & gEt It CuZ
nOw Im DoWn FoR mEsSiN

I wanna be the girl
 who you dream of at night
I wanna be the girl who you hold so tight I
 wanna be the girl who's queen of your world
 but most of all I just wanna be your girl

I need a thug, a true gangsta guy,
the one who looks all tough
but would never make me cry,
someone who's gonna call me baby
and someone who will always understand,
and if his boys were around
he'd still be like
hey baby wanna hold my hand.

have u eva just sat n cried
all because the one you love lied
have u ever wondered y should i try
when all that boy does is make me cry

i wish i could explain in ur eyez
and how the soudn of ur voice gives me buttafliez
how your smile makes my heart skipp a beat.
and how ever time i'm with you i feel so complete

**A KiSs bLOwN iS a KiSs wAsTed
 tHe OnLy rEaL kiNdA KiSs iS a KiSs tAStEd**


Why is it when a guy is a player
 he's known as a pro
 but when a girl takes a turn
 she's known as a hoe?

He holds my hand when I start to cry,
he makes me smile with just his eyes.
 He share my hopes dreams and fears,
he wipes away all my tears.
 He loves me without regret,
I just haven't found him yet!

you called me a bitch, a bitch is a female dog,
 a dog barks, bark grows on trees,
trees are from nature and nature is beautiful,
so I'll take that as a compliment

people say that it is better 2 have loved & lost
 than 2 have never loved at all..
.but it hurts less 2 know what ur missing than 2 miss something u know u once loved...

 Somewhere there's someone who dreams of your smile,
and finds in your presence that life's worth while
so when you're lonely remember its true
somebody somewhere is thinking of you

**yOu gUrLs((TaLk ShiT))
cUz u ThiNk u KnO mE**
-BiTcH pLeAzE! iF i HaDdA DiCk
 yOu'D bEe ThA fiRsT Ta ((BLoW Me!))-


.:.|.:.Never say i love u
if u don't really care
never talk bout feelings
if they aren't really there
never hold my hand
if u r going 2 break my heart
never say ur going 2
if u don't plan 2 start
never look into my eyes
if all u do is lie
never say hello
if u really mean goodbye
if u really mean forever
then say that u will try
never say 4ever
cause 4ever makes me cry.:.|.:.

-Drink Triple-
-See Double-
-Act Single-

*I don't regret anything we had.
.some good, yet some bad.
not a day goes by without u crossing my mind.
 I still think of u from time 2 time..
 and in my heart..u'll always b mine

i'll be fine w/o u
i won't even cry
even though i know
"i love you" was a lie
so go on with ur life
and i'll go on with mine
getting pass the knowledge
all u did was lie
i'm willing to be friends
but it will take time untill than...

Someday u'll cry for me, like i cried for you  

  Someday u'll miss me, like i missed you  
 Someday u'll need me, like i needed you  
Someday u'll love me, but i wont luv you

~*Have you ever wondered
 which hurts the most,
saying something and wishing you  had not,
or saying nothing and wishing you had?*


YoU KnO My LoVe FoR YoU
WiLL aLwAyS StaY Tru
BeCaUsE ThErEs No Me
WiTh OuT *[[YoU]]*

~!~CrAzY dAyS,sCrEwEd Up NiTeS
ToNs Of CrUsHeS n StUpId FiTeS
SeCrEtS wE wiLl TaKe 2 tHe GrAvE
PiCtUrEs We'll 4-EvEr SaVe
ThRu ThIcK n ThIn,aLwAyS tRu
I dUnNo WhErE i'D bE w/o U~!~

...I'm convincing myself...
..yes I'll find some1 new..
......I won't be alone......
...& I won't be w/ you ....
.....You're waiting 4 me....
...2crawl back to ur side...
..............but no............
.......not this time....
...I'm keeping my pride ..
...So goodbye 4ever...
.... I'll be on my way...
...It's gonna take time..
......but I'll be okay

Everyone says to give up on you,
 but they don't see you like I do.
 You’re the one who broke my heart,
you're the reason my world fell apart.
 You’re the one who made me cry,
 yet I still love you and I don't know why


see my soul is kinda grey
see my heart you look away
see my wrists I feel the pain
you kno my cheeks aren't wet from rain


If i'm a bitch
your a bitch
yo mommas a bitch
for a havin a bitch
yo daddys a bitch for sleepin
with a bitch
so whos the bitch now bitch

bad boy style...
sexy,sweet, n kinda wild...
a boy who sees me as his reason to breathe...
thats the kind of boy i need.

in this fake azz world i choose 2 b real
 i dont hesitate 4 ne1 2 say shyt i feel

u gotta take tha good wit tha bad,
 tha smilez wit tha sad,
luv wut u got
 n rememba wut u had


I'll be there to say I care
I'll be there when theres time to spare
I'll be there when you need a friend
I'll be there till the end
I'll be there when we say goodbye
I'll be there when you start to cry

If u luv some1 dont be afraid 2 tell them
becuz it just might happen 


   Insanity is just anger put to good use! 

 ^ tO aLL tHe gUrLz tHaT cAnT CoMpArE^
^nO oNe SaiD LyFe wUz fAiR^

Love can conquer anything Accept for my fist
So before i take a chance on you
 I gotta make sure u aint here jus to get me pissed
So if ya gonna get with me dont break my heart
So then I wont have to tear yours apart 

*SoMeDaY YoU WiLl Be SoRrY,
SoMeDaY WhEn YoU'rE FrEe,
MeMoRiEs WiLl ReMiNd YoU,
ThAt U CoOd Ov BeEn WiT Me*  

TrUe LoVe CoNnOt Be FoUnD
 WhErE It DuZn'T ExIsT,
NoR CaN iT bE HiDdEn
WhErE It DuZ!!

You kissed me then dissed me,
But now you say you miss me,
You used me, confused me,
But you don't wanna lose me,
You Don't talk to me,
You Don't acknowledge me anymore,
I'm just another score